William Brown

William Brown was a butcher in Horbury. His wife was called Ann and his daughter Susanna was baptised at St Peter's Church on the 3rd June 1811.

Susanna Brown married James Johnson on the 18th May 1834. The 1841 census finds James and Susanna living in Hunslet, Leeds. James is a blacksmith and they have 3 sons: James 11, Thomas 4 and William 1. James was born to Susanna in 1829, 5 years before she married James. Hence his name on the gravestone is James Brown and not James Johnson.

After Susanna died in 1842, James Johnson married again. His second wife was called Helen and their daughter Mary Ann age 1, is recorded on the gravestone.

James Johnson died age only 36, having been married twice and had three of his children die before him.

The inscription reads:

"In Memory of Susanna, the wife of James Johnson and daughter of Wm. Brown, of this Town who died Sept. 29th 1842, aged 31 years.

Also Mary Ann Johnson, daughter of James and Helen Johnson, who died December 17th 1844, aged 1 year.

Also James Brown, son of the above Susanna, who died August 21st 1845 aged 16 years.

Also the above named James Johnson who died May 16th 1849 aged 36 years."


Helen Bickerdike  June 2017