Joseph Himsworth

Joseph Himsworth was born in about 1772, although I am unable to find a baptism record for him. His parents were Joseph and Margaret (nee Wilkinson). Joseph married Jane Lockwood at St. Peter's in 1807. Joseph and Jane had their first child, John, baptised at St. Peter's on the 8th November 1807. The baptism register records Joseph as a corn dealer.

The couple had 5 more sons: Joseph 1809, William 1811, George 1814, John 1816 and Joseph 1819. Yes that's right. Two Johns and two Josephs. As the gravestone states, there were two infant deaths in the family. Their first born son John tragically died shortly after his baptism, being buried on the 16th November 1807. Joseph born 1809, died in 1811.

The 1841 census shows Joseph is 65, but he died the same year and his age is 69 on his gravestone. His profession is given as farmer and his address as High Street, Horbury. William 30 and George 25 are still living at home and are both butchers, although William is married and his wife Mary and daughter Ann 3, are also recorded.

In the 1851 census, Jane now aged 68 is described as a proprietor of houses, and is living on Hodge Lane (now Queen Street) with George, still single and still working as a butcher with granddaughters Ann and Jane, William's daughters. Next door lives William, Mary and daughter Mary Ann. William died in 1854, followed 2 years later by his daughter Ann aged 17. Tragically we can see Mary Ann died in 1862, age 19.

The inscription reads:


"Sacred in the memory of Joseph Himsworth of Horbury who died the 16th day of October AD 1841, aged 69 years.

Also 2 children who died in their infancy.

Also William, son of the above, who died April 28th AD 1854 aged 43 years.

Also Anne Himsworth, eldest daughter of William and Mary Ann Himsworth who died March 9th 1836 aged 17 years.

Also John Himsworth, son of the above Joseph Himsworth who died April 20th 1860, aged 43 years.

Also Jane Himsworth, wife of the above Joseph Himsworth who died September 8th 1861, aged 78 years.

Also Jane Himsworth, daughter of William and Mary Ann Himsworth who died July 20th 1862 aged 19 years."


Helen Bickerdike  June 2017