John Widdop

John Widdop was baptised at St Michael and All Angels Church, Thornhill on the 15th January 1791. He was the son of William Widdop and he married Sally Greenwood on the 15th February 1810 at Heptonstall. The marriage was fairly short lived as the gravestone shows us. Sally died in 1822, aged 32.

John remarried two years later. His second wife was Sarah Armitage, whom he married at St Michael and All Angels, Thornhill on the 17th August 1824. The 1841 census shows John is a butcher, living on Hodge Lane (Queen Street), Horbury with Sarah and sons Joe 14, John 8 and Charles 5 months. As we see on the gravestone, John and Sarah had a daughter Martha who died in 1830, aged 5. John Widdop died in November 1850, aged 60 years.

The West Yorkshire, Church of England Births & Baptisms register records several children born to John and Sarah Widdop. The first one, James was born in 1815 (although the gravestone records James as the son of Sally), then Mary Ann in 1820, Martha 1825, Joe Armitage 1827, John 1832 and Charles 1841. Since John and Sarah didn't marry until 1824 and Sally didn't die until 1822 I am a little confused. To muddy the waters even further, John and Sally had a daughter, Elizabeth baptised in 1817. All children were baptised at St Peter's, Horbury and John Widdop (father) in each case is a butcher.

The inscription reads:

"In memory of Sally, the wife of John Widdop of Horbury who departed this life November 28th A.D. 1822 in the 32nd year of her age.

Also Martha, the daughter of John and Sarah Widdop who departed this life on the 27th day of May 1830 in the 5th year of her age.

Also the above named John Widdop who died November 30th 1850 in the 60th year of his age.

Also James Widdop, son of the above named John and Sally Widdop who died March 17th 1854 aged 39 years.

Also Sarah, widow of the above named John Widdop who died June 3rd 1869 aged 64 years."


Helen Bickerdike  June 2017